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Message de Juan Gonzalez Lu 872 fois 
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Ecrit le : 26-01-17 à 10:14:00
Titre    : Registration opportunities

Hi Marathon guys and girls!

I want to register my girlfriend and myself to the Marathon du Medoc as her birthday present.

I would like to know if it is very difficult to get a bib number: if the Marathon solds out very fast (for example, how the registrations were in 2016) or if there is a lottery as in other marathons.

I hope we can make it!!

The Marathon du Medoc looks incredible. My girlfriend always say that once in our lives we should run it! We also saw a Spanish TV programme called "Maraton Man" [1] where a really cool guy run there and he was totally delighted!!

Merci Beaucoup!!



Réponse de Juan Gonzalez
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Ecrit le : 20-02-17 à 13:27:00
Titre    : RE: Registration opportunities

Thanks a lot for the information. Just some more questions about the medical certificate.

The medical certificate must be introduced during the registration process?

If yes, what should I fill in the "File Number / Numéro de dossier" field?

Last but not least, can it be filled by a Spanish doctor?

Merci beaucoup!
Réponse de Daniel Garcia
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Ecrit le : 02-02-17 à 17:25:00
Titre    : RE: Registration opportunities

taking into account that registration ends so quickly.
What information and documentation do I need to have ready in order to register as quick as possible? is it just identification information and credit card to pay? do I need to know if I am going to register with accomodation or withour it and extras? or can I do it later?
Réponse de Marathon 2017
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Ecrit le : 31-01-17 à 14:07:00
Titre    : RE: Registration opportunities


Registration for the next Medoc marathon will open in March on our website.

It's "first in, first served", no lottery to participate.

Last year, registration closed in 34h.

Best regards,
The Marathon

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