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Message de Samantha Small Lu 239 fois 
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Ecrit le : 31-08-17 à 11:10:00
Titre    : Shuttle bracelet

I've just received my shuttle voucher where I'm told to pick up the shuttle bracelet at the Cosec stadium of Pauillac during the drawing of race numbers on Friday the 5th. Is there another way to get my bracelets as a. We are not in Bordeaux until the 6th and b. We don't have transportation to get to the stadium.
Any suggestions?

Réponse de Marathon 2017
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Ecrit le : 02-09-17 à 13:14:00
Titre    : RE: Shuttle bracelet


You can use the voucher to ride on the shuttle, you will receive your bracelet at the entry.

Best regards,
The Marathon

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