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the 7th September 2024

The 36th edition in 2021

Dear Runners, Dear Volunteers, Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

For 36 years, our Medoc Marathon has gone through many adventures, each edition had its contingencies, and none has managed to taint the festive and friendly spirit that characterizes it.

This upcoming 36° edition will take place, for sure ! It will be Saturday, September 11th, 2021!

Indeed, the Covid-19 virus epidemic has something to do about this change !

After consultation with the authorities, the medical community, the members of our association, the volunteers and the Medoc wineries, we unanimously concluded that, in the face of the necessary physical distancing and the uncertainty of this epidemic, to preserve the DNA of the Marathon as well as the Trust of runners, volunteers, wineries, partners and the Medoc population, the 36th Medoc Marathon is postponed for a year, always with the same Cinema  theme.

In a way, it will be: “the Medoc Marathon makes its Cinema, Season 2! ”

This is probably the most important decision taken since the creation of our attractive event. It was taken with sadness and sorrow among the entire team of volunteers, but it is also the most reasonable for the health of all.

Friends Runners, it was difficult for us not to give you your medal around your neck and your other awards, not to congratulate you with a friendly pat on the back as soon as the finish line is crossed, or not sharing your feelings after racing around a glass of one of our great Medoc wines… In short, all these small gestures that motivate us for a year, to offer you an unforgettable experience!

We wanted to announce this postponement as soon as possible so that everyone can make his arrangements, we will come back to you in the coming weeks to inform you of the terms of this postponement. The principle will be to shift free of charge, your registration to one of the three future editions.

This epidemic will not, however, erode our enthusiasm and our “madness” to make you live unforgettable moments in our lovely Medoc peninsula. On the contrary, by the way …. count on us!

We thank you for your confidence and look forward to preparing and living together this 36th edition that we will have even more fun to enjoy!

Stay safe and take care of yourself.

The organizers committee