Les gelules, la suspension et la perfusion de diflucan contiennent toutes la substance active fluconazole, un type de medicament appele anti fongique triazole.
Registration without accommodation


Registration will open in March.

During the registration on the website, you will find the possibility to register yourself as individual or as a group.
Be careful ! For a registration as a group, after booking your bibs, you have two weeks to enter the personal information of each runner.
After this deadline, the non-attributed bibs will be awquired by the Organization (-10€ of fee)


Prices for 2018 :


Startnumber: 87€


Initiation Pack : 130€

(bib + Mille Pates dinner)

10€ discount on the bib


Pleasure Pack : 129€

(bib + Walk&Lunch)

10€ discount on the bib


Prestige Pack : 177€

(bib + Mille Pates + Walk&Lunch)

15€ discount on the bib


Festive Pack  : 108€

(bib + Patacaisses dinner)

10€ discount on the bib

Conditions of participation:

The Medoc marathon is opened to all the runners been born before September 8th, 1998. Because you are registered on a sporting event, you necessarily have to supply hanging or after your registration a medical certificate. Be careful, we shall be rigorous on the validity of certificates.

The medical form has to fill several criteria :

· Contain the mention "not contraindication in the practice of the athletics in competition" or " not contraindication in the practice of the running in competition " or " not contraindication in the practice of the marathon in competition ".
· Date less than 1 year the day of the race, not before September 8th, 2017.

A model of certificate is available here