Médoc Spirit


Created in 1984 by a group of passionate marathon fans, the marathon nicknamed the “Medoc” has become a must for many marathon runners over the years. The “Medoc” is a marathon you just must have run like New York, London or Paris. This success does of course lead to problems with the number of runners allowed to run the race. The race is deliberately limited to 8,500 participants and despite everything it has managed to preserve the spirit of the founders built on 4 fundamental pillars that are inseparable for us : Health – Sport – Conviviality – Fun.


The AMCM association that organizes the “Medoc” comprises 90 volunteer marathon runners. The main goal of the “Medoc” is to attract runners of all types and have them discover the benefits and pleasures of long distance running. The Medoc does this by welcoming and rewarding the first and last under the same conditions.


The Medical congress and the Sports Medical Symposium take place the day before the marathon. The symposium is free of charge and open to all to inform and help prevent sports-related pathologies. The Marathon is also an opportunity to run numerous field studies ;


  • cardiac and electrocardiograph studies (over 1,000 have been performed to date), blood pressure and echocardiograph tests etc.
  • podology, dermatology, digestive system, spirometry, epidemiology studies etc. Finally, the Medoc marathon offers comprehensive medical assistance with a team of 300 persons operating at 10 medical stations over the course and 5 specialized tents at the finish.


Despite the fun aspects of the race, the “Medoc” is nonetheless a real Marathon, 42.195 km measured officially. The fantastic organization and beauty of the course have placed it among the leading international marathons year in year out drawing an ever increasing number of foreign participants (over 20% of runners in 2006). In one single loop, this Marathon winds it way round a stunningly beautiful circuit of over 50 chateaux. More than any other event, the “Medoc” promotes sport with its 3,000 volunteers and some 100,000 spectators who each year say to themselves “and why not me?” The record for the race is held by Sacha LOTOV in 2 hours 19’20” (1992) and Josiane LLADO in 2 hours 38’34” (1999). The record for the number of wins is held by Philippe REMOND (9 wins).


This is one of the main characteristics of this marathon and has led runners to elect it the most convivial race in France for 3 years in a row (Bipède d’Or 96, 97, 98 and 2005). For us conviviality means a personal touch for each runner. To achieve this we must limit the number of runners (8,500 out of 15,000 applications in 2006). Once over the finish line each runner is rewarded with a large number of gifts; tee-shirt, medal, sports bag, bottle of Medoc wine, surprise gifts, art print, refreshments etc. The conviviality of this marathon also comes from the warm welcome and availability of the locals and volunteers who look forward to this event throughout the year.


Fun is everywhere :

  • The day before the Marathon with the famous Centipede evening in a Medoc chateau for 1,450 guests
  • The day of the Marathon, with the show before the departure, the events during the race with over 90% of runners in disguise, some 52 other events alongside the race, 22 refreshment stands, 21 food stands and special gourmet stands (oysters, ham, steak, cheese, ice cream, Medoc attic, etc.) and the presence of hundreds of disguised and delighted school children.
  • Fun in the evening after the marathon with a huge ball open to all, a fireworks display and a Marathon village vibrating to the sound of numerous bands and full of appetizing restaurants.
  • Fun the day after the Marathon with the famous recovery walk open to 4,000 walkers, runners, companions and volunteers through the Margaux wine region.
  • Fun finally for VIPs, partners and the press with a special reception area and village overlooking the finish line.

For who ?

If you believe sport is synonymous with health, fun and conviviality then this marathon is for you. Spoilsports, thugs and record seekers are not invited !