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the 7th September 2024


38th edition of the Marathon

The 38th edition of the Medoc Marathon will take place…

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Official rules


The Medoc Marathon is a 42.195km race restricted to runners only ;
if you just want to walk, the recovery ballad organized on Sunday in our beautiful vineyards (9-10km) is for you !


S.1 Listings

On the website www.marathondumedoc.com exclusively.
Note : Registration limited to 8 500 participants.


All entries will be made on our website with secure payment by major Credit Card.
Obtaining a tag can be supplemented by reservation of a hosting package with a wide range of camping and hotels from 2 ** to 5 ***** settled down town Bordeaux, in the Bordeaux suburb or in the Medoc area.
The price of the start number is 100 Euros (including VAT).

In accordance with French law (dated March 23th 1999), please send the registration form confirmation and a valid medical certificate (or a photocopy certified by the person) which allows you to practice a Marathon or running competition.

You can upload it on your runner account or mail it to this address :
Marathon du Medoc / AMCM
5, Rue Etienne Dieuzède
F – 33250 PAUILLAC

Course only open to riders born before September 7th, 2004.

Other benefits :
Mille Pates Dinner on Friday night : 63 € including VAT
Pate à Caisses Dinner on Friday night : 38 € including VAT
Walk and lunch on Sunday morning : 63 € including VAT
Marathon movie : Free.

S.2 Exchange a race number

You can’t participate at the Medoc Marathon and you want to sell your race number ?

  • The organization has the exclusive right to redeem you, it is forbidden to sell it on Internet or other ways to any another person.
  • Date of redemption : June 30, 2024. Beyond that date, AMCM will not make anymore purchase or refund (excluding people having undertaken a package cancellation see art.17)
  • The redemption amount is 87 € for race numbers.
  • To sell your race number, thank you write to this mail address :


S.3 Race number

They are namely registered, no name changes will be made on the spot during the week end of the race.

  • withdrawal will be made only on Friday (no withdrawal on Saturday morning)
  • the withdrawal is individually (no shrinkage by a third person)
    numbers will be withdrawn at the Cosec stadium of Pauillac, Friday, September 6th from 10 am to 11 pm.

For any claims, thank you to contact the SMILES OFFICE , only on Friday from 10am to 11pm.

S.4 Medical Certificate

Be careful : the registration will be fully booked only after the reception of a valid medical certificate stating the non-cons indication to the practice of a Marathon competition ; it has to be issued after September 7th, 2023 (if a photocopy : it has to be certified by the insured runner).

S.5-Departure / Arrival

Departure at 9:30 am on the River banks of Pauillac and arrival at the same location. Race time allowed limited to 6:30 hours.

S.6 Time Out runners

A team of Medoc Marathon organization called “runners brooms” will run the race during 6.30 hours. They are carrying signs to identify them without confusion.
Any runner crossing the finish line behind this team will not be classified nor rewarded.
Moreover, in the mid-race, any runners who is behind these « riders brooms » will be stopped, disqualified and not rewarded.

S.7 Circuit

Undulating course with many sections of dust roads (24%).
Circuit closed to traffic during the official time of the race which is 6:30 hours. Riders are asked to comply with the rules of the road and borrow the official route.
Control passages are established on the circuit, all arriving unchecked on the circuit will not be classified nor rewarded.

S.8 Bicycles are banned

Due to the narrowness of the roads, due to presence of many dust roads, due to the large number of participants, the presence of bicycles is dangerous for the safety of the runners. Because of the abundance of tasting stations, any personal assistance is unnecessary.
Any runner pairing with a bike will be disqualified and the bicycle will be removed by the police.

S.9 Carts Regulations and systems that allow to multiply or amplify the muscular strength

The marathon remains a discipline that requires rigorous training. All systems that allow to multiply or amplify the muscular strength of the rider are prohibited (pneumatic stilts, spring shoes, …).

Only cart pulled or pushed are allowed. The bike powered carts are prohibited.
The Race Director reserves the right to ban any race carts which seem dangerous to him for the safety of marathon ; he doesn’t have to justify his decision.

S.10 Security

Provided by the race officials, the Police and the Medoc Fire Brigade. Medical assistance is provided by 300 volunteers, under 15 tents, and 5 mobile units thanks to the participation of the Red Cross, the Mutuality Pavilion and Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists recruited by the AMCM.
Using of drone is formally forbidden during the race.

S.11 Timing, scheduling, claims

It will be performed by a chip inserted into the disposable race number which must not be folded under penalty of not functioning.
The ranking will be posted 30 minutes after arrival. You have until September 23th to submit any claims.

S.12 Abandonment

Any runner who wants to leave the race will have to go to a amateur radio spot which are located every 2kms next to all the drinks bars or next to the medical tents. A shuttle will take you back to the finish line.

S.13 Awards on arrival

All entrants will be rewarded until 6:30 hours race.
This time is long enough to enjoy the marathon even for a beginner.

  • many drinks Supplies ;
  • many grand cru tastings ;
  • many music band animations ;
  • many castles crossing ;
  • Many tasting of oysters, steak, cheese, grapes, ice cream, etc..

NO REWARDS NOR AWARDS beyond this time limit (the 3 200 volunteers who manage this race will thank you about that ).

S.14 Awards

At 4.00pm on Saturday 7th on the banks of Pauillac.

BEWARE : the prices will be given only to the runners who are in.

  • For the winner Male and Female : their weight of Medoc wines .
  • A case of fine Medoc wines for the winners of each category.
  • A case of Medoc wine to the first 3 Challenges : Chateaux and Company Challenges.
  • A large number of nicely dressed runners will be rewarded on the finish line by a case of a Medoc wine. The top three carts will be rewarded on the podium.

S.15 Special Awards

  • Wheelchair runners (separate ranking).
  • A challenge for Chateaux contest and for companies contest contest by the addition of the 5 fastest times.
  • Women’s Challenge for Chateaux contest, for companies contest and for laboratories contest on the basis of the 3 female fastest times.


No accumulation of awards. No ranking for club or team outside challenges.

S.16 Insurance

Liability insurance : In accordance with current legislation, the organizers have taken out liability insurance guaranteeing the actions of members of the organization and those of competitors in the Marathon du Médoc. A proof can be provided to any participant upon request.

Personal accident : The organization recommends that all participants who do not have personal insurance covering personal injury, including non-redundant as a sports federation of personal accident insurance as part of their participation in the event.

S. 17 Cancellation Package

A runner can be brought to cancel their registration in case of serious illness, injury, accident, travel, death of spouse, his ascendants and / or its direct descendants . By accepting the cancellation fee for 13 €, to be added to the registration fee, runners will receive a refund of their registration for the race, on a contract basis for the amount of registration out supplementary benefits. In this sense, proof will be sent to the Medoc Marathon before September 7th, 2024, by email or postmail (postmark as proof), except for death. No refund can be claimed in case of failure to submit a valid medical certificate.

S.18 Charity

We provide an annual financial and logistical support to many charitable organizations present at the village show : child welfare, league against cancer, organ donation, transplant, etc..

S.19 Image rights

In order to promote the Medoc Marathon, the organization reserves the right to exploit the photographs and videos taken during the race as well as sports events and medical conference which are organized during this week-end.
By subscribing to any of these events, you give up your right to the image.
I am informed that my results can be published on the race website and on FFA website.
If I wish to oppose the publication of my results, I expressly have to inform the organizer about it.


According to the French law of January 6th, 1978 about information and freedom, you have a right to access and rectify any personal information about you saved in our files.
Through us, you may have to receive advertisements from other companies or associations. If you do not want so, just write us and tell us your name and if possible your race number.

S.21 Major Force

If the race had to be canceled due to major force or for reasons beyond the control of the organization, no refund of fees shall be made and no compensation.
In case of dangerous weather conditions, the route of the marathon can be modified.

The organizers of the Medoc Marathon remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and invite you to consume with moderation.