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The postponement for the 2020 runners

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10 impasse Sainte-Elizabeth F – 33000 BORDEAUX

Tél. 33(0)5 57 87 50 02

Fax 33(0)5 57 87 54 08

E-mail : broduction@free.fr

Footage available

You can obtain royalty free video footage in betacam format or in the form of a 26-min film ready for broadcast after the event.
You can also have access to the royalty free photo bank of the Medoc Marathon for publication purposes.

Press releases and files

Press releases and marathon results can be e-mailed to you at your request.


Press Relation Contact :

Jean-Yves Saint-Céran

Port. 33 (0)6 62 85 66 28

E-mail : presse@marathondumedoc.com


Video Contact :

Luc de Tienda

E-mail : broduction@free.fr