The “extras” of the Marathon

Pasta diner "Mille Pâtes "

It is an outstanding moment which it is necessary to live at least once in its life. It is a first dumping in the festive and friendly universe which makes the reputation of the Medoc Marathon. The program : an aperitive in Vertheuil abbey follow-up of a dinner, served under big top, gathering 1500 guests.

To the menu? Pastas as never you tasted, wines of the Médoc served by our voluntary wine stewards, a festive atmosphere where you will catch singing, dancing… UNFORGETTABLE !

Price : 63 €
(single menu not substitutable)

Pasta diner "Pâtes à Caisses"

Every year, the volunteers who organize it say that it will be the last one, and every year, they put back the place setting! The reason is simple : the Pâte à Caisses is joyful, lively, copious, moving, delicious… we sing and we dance… That always finishes too early, because tomorrow it is necessary to run the marathon ! UNCLASSIFIABLE.

Price : 38 €
(single menu not substitutable)

The Walk and Lunch

Of course, you are not in a hurry to leave us! We have either no heart to let you leave… then take advantage of this lunch after the Walk.
Organized on the scene of the Pasta dinner inVertheuil abbey, the party is reborn by magic; a gastronomic lunch served under big top for 1500 persons, a musical animation to forget your cramps of the day before, the pleasure, the conviviality… IT IS ONLY ONE GOODBYE !

Price : 63 €
(single menu not substitutable)

Walk in Medoc

You are too fast spent in Châteaux, you did not take time to taste, to open yours eyes during the Marathon? Never mind, the Walk of Sunday morning will be the opportunity to discover the vineyards of Vertheuil. 3000 marathon runners and their friends anticipate for the pleasure to redo in words the race of the day before, in the sound of a lot of bands, to be once more amazed at Medoc landscapes the time of a 10 km Walk. BREATHE, TASTE !

Price : 7 €

The marathon movie

A 52 minutes movie, available from the beginning of November. Surprising and moving images, interviews, the wings of the Marathon… a memory you will look still with pleasure in 10 years !