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Transport Advices

Join Pauillac on Saturday, September the 2nd

By train :

Departure Bordeaux 7.29 am, arrived Pauillac 8.27 am here

Return Pauillac 5.05pm, arrived Bordeaux 6.11pm

By coach :

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Tel : +33(0)5 56 34 34 66



By official bus shuttle

On Friday : 

Departure from Bordeaux city center, Bordeaux lac and Bordeaux airport to Pauillac

Departure from Pauillac to the Pâtes à Caisses dinner and Mille Pates dinner.

Return in Pauillac or Bordeaux

On Saturday :

Departure from Bordeaux city center and Bordeaux Lac

Return from Pauillac  5.30pm or 11.15pm

On Saturday :

Departure from Bordeaux and Pauillac to Moulis-en-Médoc


Booking in May

By Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine Shuttle

Bus shuttle between Bordeaux and Pauillac on Saturday the 2nd September.

Booking in July


By taxi :




Tel : 06 63 14 56 36